Junior Hacksaw Frames

Junior frames
Powder coated spring steel frame, keeps the blade tensioned correctly at all times.Comes complete with blade 150mm?(6”) 32tpi.

Baby bite frame
High impact resistant pistol grip. Steel oval section frame for strength and rigidity.
Thumb screw blade tensioning.
Supplied complete with 150mm (6”) 18tpi metal cutting blade.

For smaller applications, where the workpiece cannot be held firmly.

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Code Description Size & Description Pack Qty Price Quantity
C430-0003 JHF/4PD 6" Junior Hacksaw With Powder Coated Frame + Blade 6" Junior hacksaw, complete with blade powder coated frame 1
£0.85 (inc VAT)
£0.71 (exc VAT)
RRP £2.38 (exc VAT)
C430-0004 JHF/P12 6" Baby Bite Hacksaw With Plastic handle + blade 6" Junior hacksaw, complete with blade with plastic handle 1
£2.02 (inc VAT)
£1.68 (exc VAT)
RRP £5.60 (exc VAT)