10Pc Carbide Burr Set

Set contents:
2x A shape cylinder without end cut: 10x19x65x6mm, 12.7x19x65x6mm

2x C shape ball nosed cylinder: 10x19x65x6mm, 12.7x19x65x6mm
2x F shape ball nosed tree: 10x19x65x6mm, 12.0x19x65x6mm
2x G shape tree: 10x19x65x6mm, 12.7x19x65x6mm
1x L shape ball nosed cone: 10x19x65x6mm
1x M shap cone: 12.7x19x65x6mm

All the above are double cut carbide burrs.

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5793-0010 10Pc Carbide Burr Set Double Cut 10Pc Carbide Burr Set Double Cut 1 Case
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