Rapid Metal Plasterboard Wall Anchors

Rapid Metal Plasterboard Wall Anchors

is a new self drilling steel anchor suited for applications on aerated concrete supports (gasbeton) and plasterboard.
Similar to RAPID NYLON, it permits fast and easy installations.
It can be directly screw down into the support, without drilling.
It is essential where fire proof fixings are required.

• Wide self-milling propeller to permit the easy insertion of the anchor into the hole (A).
• Self drilling bit. A light penetrating pressure makes the anchor driving easier (B).
• Thanks to a deep etching it is possible to use screwdrivers with straight blade and pozidrive n. 2 cutting edge (C).
• Maximum adaptability: it can be used with wood or chipboard screws.

It is also available complete with rounded head steel

Suited for fastening on aerated concrete (gasbeton) and plasterboard.
Designed for a not through fastening.

Zinc-aluminium alloy (zama).

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Code Description Screw Size (mm) Plug Size (mm) Screws Included Pack Qty Packaged In/On Price Quantity
90002 16x32mm Metal plasterboard Screws Box Qty-100 4.5x37 16x32 Yes 1 Box
£14.82 (inc VAT)
£12.35 (exc VAT)
RRP £14.08 (exc VAT)
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