FFP3 Masks

• Valved moulded disposable face masks with FFP3 

• Elasticated head straps and nose strip to ensure face

• The valve increases user comfort by lowering CO2 and
   heat build-up.

• Conforms to BSEN149:2001+A1:2009

• CE Cat.III notify body No.2797

FFP3 protects which protects against -

• Fine non-toxic dusts, fibres aqueous mists and oil 
  based mists. APF:20 X workplace exposure limit.

• Guide to protection: Brick, concrete, ferrous metal
  fume, fibre glass, lead fume, MDF hand tools, mineral
  fibres, plaster, rockwool, sandstone, silica, hard wood
  and soft wood dust.

• Filtration performance is 99% (removes x% of all 
  particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger)

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P102-FFP3V2P FFP3V Moulded Cup Masks Plus Valve Pack of 2 FFP3V 1 pack of 2 masks Header card with euro hanger
£6.24 (inc VAT)
£5.20 (exc VAT)
RRP £0.13 (exc VAT)
P102-FFP3VB FFP3V Moulded Cup Masks Plus Valve 5 Packs of 2 Box FFP3V 5 packs of 2 masks Display box with euro hanger
£31.20 (inc VAT)
£26.00 (exc VAT)
RRP £0.65 (exc VAT)