Tyrolit Cleaning Fleeces

With the STRIP-IT rough cleaning wheel, you can effortlessly remove rust, paint, lacquer and underbody sealant from your workpiece. The porous nylon fibres, enriched with an aggressive abrasive, rise to any challenge. They also prevent the wheel from becoming clogged or smeared. The STRIP-IT material is applied to a rigid fibre glass carrier specially designed for use on angle grinders. The STRIP-IT rough cleaning wheel made of ceramic corundum (S EX. ROUGH) is harder, more aggressive and firmer compared to the standard version (S ROUGH). This offers the operator quiet, fatigue-free grinding with low heat generation with the disc.

• Flexible nylon fibres enriched with an aggressive abrasive grain for universal use and best results
• Design prevents smearing and clogging of the wheel
• Low generation of heat thanks to open structure

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CT898014 115x22.23mm Cleaning Fleece Wheel Premium 115x22.23mm 1VL GR Angle grinder 1
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£4.76 (exc VAT)
RRP £11.60 (exc VAT)
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