Dronco Flap Discs

Mild steel, stainless steel, etc. The support of the abrasive band consists of a cotton twill which shows an outstanding

removing rate and excellent lifetime - without clogging up! The glass fibre backing is characterised by an even grinding

finish up to the complete consumption of the abrasive grain. As a result, no scratches on the workpiece will appear.

Ideal for grinding surfaces of mild and stainless steel.

Very good stock removal and effortless working without clogging. Very suitable for unalloyed an alloyed construction

steel, very solid construction steel, tool steel, high alloy special steel, cast, sheet steel, stainless sheet steel.

Well suitable for plastic, filling compound, wood, welding seams, non- ferrous metals

Appropriate for hand-held angle grinders.

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Code Description Disc Shape Speed R.P.M Diameter Type Description Pack Qty Price Quantity
5211234 G-QZ Zirconium Flap Disc 115x22.23 Grit-40 Pack Qty-10 Depressed centre 13280 115x22.23mm 40 (course) G-QZ zirconium flap disc 10
£23.81 (inc VAT)
£19.84 (exc VAT)
RRP £40.52 (exc VAT)
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