Electrician/Flooring Chisel

Manufactured from high quality octagonal carbon steel with hardened and ground cutting edge.
Used for prising floorboards and cutting part of the board prior to lifting.

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Code Description Size Pack Qty Packaged In/On Price Quantity
C260-0224 56mm (2.1/4") Electricians Floorboad Duracut Black 56mm (2.1/4") 1 Euro hanger
£3.78 (inc VAT)
£3.15 (exc VAT)
RRP £7.33 (exc VAT)
C260-0241 56mm (2.1/4") Electricians Chisel Gripped Duracut Black 56mm (2.1/4") Gripped 1 Euro hanger
£5.52 (inc VAT)
£4.60 (exc VAT)
RRP £10.70 (exc VAT)