Holesaw kits

For drilling hard/soft wood, steel, brass, bronze, cast iron, aluminium and plastic.
Aggressive cutting action and M3 HSS cutting teeth to give a very smooth finish.
Cuts up to 40% faster then constant pitch saws.
The varying tooth pitch gives substantial reductions in noise by disrupting harmonics.
Tooth life is greatly extended, as is battery life when used with a cordless drill.
Suitable for all uses: engineering, construction and maintenance.4 to 6 teeth per inch.
Bi-metal M3 high speed steel cutting edge. 

Bi-metal (BIM) is a high-carbon steel body for flexibility and break-resistance, and high-speed steel cutting edge for heat-resistance, hardness, and durability. On average they last up to 10 times longer than high carbon steel.

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Code Description Type Size Pack Qty Packaged In/On Price Quantity
C410-90009 HK09 9pc Electricians Kit of Holesaw Kits Electricians kit 20,25,32,40,51mm A1 & A2 Arbors. Pilot Drill & Adaptor Nut 1 Case
£24.65 (inc VAT)
£20.54 (exc VAT)
RRP £68.47 (exc VAT)
C410-90010 HK10 10pc Plumbers Kit of Holesaw Kits Plumbers kit 22,29,35,44,51,57mm A1 & A2 Arbors,Pilot Drill & Adaptor Nut 1 Case
£26.77 (inc VAT)
£22.31 (exc VAT)
RRP £74.36 (exc VAT)