Dronco Multi Disc

For use on stainless steel, mild steel and stone (especially wall tiles).
The special recipe of this new combi- disc ACS60T- MULTI allows cutting of metal and wall tiles without changing the disc.
A special tool for special users, such as plumbers.

Three discs in one-
Combi- disc for stainless steel, steel and wall tiles
Good cutting performance
Comfortable cutting
No time- consuming disc changes required
Low- burr to burr- free edges

Appropriate for hand-held angle grinders.

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Code Description Disc Shape Speed R.P.M Diameter Type Description Pack Qty Price Quantity
6900942100 ACS60 T Multi flat Disc 115x1.2x22.23 Tin Qty-10 Flat 13280 115x1.2x22.23mm 41 ACS60 T multi Tin x 10
£11.58 (inc VAT)
£9.65 (exc VAT)
RRP £24.11 (exc VAT)